Michael Graham - Vocals, guitar, lap steel, bass and leader of men.

Michael "Captain Twangler" Graham has a daytime job, he's doing alright. He keeps us focussed and moving.

In other words, this is all his fault. 

He always has a mighty fine wine.  

Brian Thomas - Vocals, Guitar and master of harmonies.

Brian Thomas knows all the chords, but he is not strictly rhythm- he CAN make it cry and scream. He does mind if he doesn't make the scene. 

His songs a fun, have a good beat and are easy to dance to. 

He brings good beer to rehearsals and sometimes shares with us. 

John B. Nicholas aka johnBfree - Vocals, bass, guitar, harmonica and Fighter of the Nightman.

John B. Nicholas aka johnBfree gets a shiver in the dark but he feels alright when he hears the music ring. 

He happily drinks Michael's fine wine and Brian's beer when they let him. 

Paul Frey - Drums, vocals and the eye of the storm.

Paul Frey is an enigma. He shows up, he rocks, drinks wine and beer (when permitted) then he leaves.

Nobody knows exactly where he comes from or where he goes. It is rumored that he plays in a Dixie band playing double four time, but you don't see too many faces coming in out of the rain they hear the jazz go down. So, to date, this is unverified.