The Twanglers

Twangly-Jangly Americana

The Twanglers are an Americana/Rock and Roll band from Akron, Ohio, the once "Rubber Capitol of the World". Their sound can be described as a little bit Twangy and a little bit Jangly... The Twanglers.

All veterans of the Akron/Cleveland/Kent triangle of great original music, The Twanglers have developed a sound that has been described as modern retro. They are proud to be part of "The Akron Sound" that brought the world 15-60-75 (The Numbers Band), The Pretenders, DEVO, The Waitresses and The Black Keys... and many many more. Look up the Akron sound and groove on it. Sit back, imbibe and enjoy the ride. 



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Press photos

The Twanlgers

The Twanlgers

Live at Musica in Akron, Ohio

Live at Musica in Akron, Ohio

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